A welcome awaits you with hotel-like class, and at-home ease and comfort.

Concierge Desk

The concierge desk is available in the waiting room to answer your questions.
Feel free to discuss any concerns you may have.

Consultation Room

Consultation takes place in a quiet, relaxed environment designed to protect your privacy.

Primary Exam Room

Everything from oral exam to physical exam and treatment is performed
while you sit in a comfortable electric recliner chair.

Skin Care & Anti-aging Room 1

Procedure or custom-made I.V. therapy is administered while you relax in an electric recliner chair.

Skin Care & Anti-aging Room 2

This room provides procedure or custom-made I.V. therapy on a comfortable bed in a generous, relaxing space for members only.

Concierge Desk

The operating room uses relaxing subtle tones to create a clean, neat, and functional environment
so that you experience minimal stress.

Recovery Room

After surgery, your bed is transferred to the quiet, relaxing environment of the recovery room.

Nail Clinic

Doctor and nail specialist work hand in hand to address and treat your nail concerns and problems.


Advertisement Publication

Monthly ads in Okinawa Living and Venture,
and one-time ad in Okinawa Graph
(February, 2012)