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Photo Facial Rejuvenation

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Light and high radio frequency reduce wrinkles and tighten and lift skin. The procedure requires no down time, so you can apply makeup right away.

BOTOX (50% off twice a month on sundays, $220~)

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BOTOX (50% off, to $220–, twice a month on sundays, please contact with us the exact date) Therapy is effective for wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the outer eye corners. Injections are given every 3–4 months.

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Skin Fillers

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Therapy is effective for various facial wrinkles and folds. The type of filler depends on the location and depth of the wrinkle or fold.

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Anti-Aging I.V. Therapy

A special I.V. cocktail is prepared according to your needs, from anti-aging to whitening, to treating blemishes, to recovering from fatigue. Treatment takes from 20 to 90 minutes depending on the content. As an option, massage therapy is offered while you wait to achieve even better results.

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INDIBA for Anti-Aging Therapy

A beauty therapist uses meticulous skills and a thermotherapy device to warm your body’s core and improve circulation. The slimming treatment causes minimal stress on the body.

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